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2004 Youth Concerto Competition Winners

Carole Pouzar (flute) Winner, Junior Wind Division, "Flute Concerto in D minor," 2nd mvmt. by Molique.  Age 12 in the 7th grade at Space Center Intermediate School.  Daughter of Drs. Joe and Linda Pouzar.  Studied flute 4 years.  Teacher: Norma Williams  Enjoys drama and singing in school and church activities.

Placed 4th chair District Band in 6th grade
Placed 6th chair All-Region Symphonic Band in 7th grade
First chair, Space Center Intermediate Symphonic Band
Member of University Baptist Church Orchestra

Kayleigh McCormac (flute) Winner, Senior Wind Division, "Ballade" by Martin.  age 16 in the 11th grade at the High School for Performing and Visual Arts.  Daughter of Mac and Chris McCormac.  Studied flute 10 years.  Teacher: Ema Armanious.  Enjoys music history and listening to classical music, especially 20th century Russian composers such as Shostakovich and Prokofiev.

Co-Principal - Virtuoso Chamber Orchestra
2003 All-Region Orchestra
2003 Houston Flute Club - First Place Winner, 10th Grade Category

Jasper Chen (violin) Winner, Junior String Division, "Violin Concerto No.1," 1st mvmt. by Burch. Age 12 in the 8th grade at McMeans Junior High in Katy.  Son of Vickie and Hwai-Kuo Chen.  Studied violin 5 years.  Teacher: Yueming Song.  Interested in software games and playing the violin.  Plans to become either a violinist or a computer programmer.

All-Region Orchestra - 3 years
Member of Greater Houston Youth Orchestra
First Place, GHYO Scholarship Competition

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Amber Cheng (violin) Winner, Senior String Division, "Violin Concerto No. 1," 3rd mvmt. by Bruch.  Age 16 in the 11th grade at Clements high School in Sugarland.  Daughter of Yin and Betty Cheung.  Studied violin 5 years.  Teacher: Mrs. Lilan Huang and currently Andrzej Grabiec.  Interested in books, stamp collecting, rock climbing, skiing, traveling, violin and piano. 

2003 Texas Music Festival Orchestra
Winner of Houston Young Artists Completion
Member of Virtuosi of Houston

Mia Nishikawa (piano) Winner, Junior Piano Division, "Piano Concerto No. 12," 1st mvmt. by Mozart.  Age 11 in the 6th grade at The Kinkaid School.  Daughter of Akira and Minami Nishikawa.  Studied piano 7 years.  Teacher: Mrs. Shu-Hao Pao.  Enjoys reading, swimming world traveling, and visiting museums.  Would like to some day travel in space.

First Place, Houston Music Teachers Assoc. (HMTA) Concerto          Competition 2003, Junior Division
Houston Young Artist Concert, Gala Concert 2003
First Place, HMTA Piano Contest 1999 - 2003
First Place, HMTA & Brook Mays Jr. Piano Festival 1999 - 2003

Cindy Wu (piano) Winner, Senior Piano Division, "Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini," by Rachmaninoff.  Age 17 in the 12th grade at Bellaire High School.  Daughter of Judy Yaun.  Studied piano 12 years.  Teacher: Yanzi Lin.  Enjoys playing and teaching piano and violin.  Will major in piano at UT Austin.  Plans to work toward a combined entertainment career which includes piano, singing, and music composition.

All-State Orchestra 2002
Silver Medallist, HYAC - HMTA Concerto Competition 2003

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Thank You Roje Yap

Many thanks go to Competition Coordinator, Roje Yap for his tireless work to put this competition and concert together.  A big thank you also goes to his committee who helped during the competition on January 10 and 11, 2004. They were:  C.Y. Cheng, Jens Houken, Judy Huber, Carla Kinkopf, and Betty Wall.  A fine job was done by the competition judges: Dr. Charles Johnson, Mr. Robert Wall, Mr. Robert Bridges, and Vicki Seldon.

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