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Clear Lake Symphony

2016 Youth Concerto Competition Winners

The Clear Lake Symphony held a competition on Saturday, January 23, 2016  for young artists from Houston Metro area high schools, junior highs, and elementary schools. 
The Youth Concerto Competition winners will be provided with a scholarship and perform as a featured soloist with the Clear Lake Symphony at the Friday, March 18, 2016 concert at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church at 18220 Upper Bay Road, in Nassau Bay.  A total of forty six (46)  participants participated in this year's competition.

Junior Wind Division

Sunny Tang (oboe) Winner, "Oboe Concerto in C, 1st mvt", by Haydn.  Age 14 in the 9th grade at James E. Taylor High School.  Sunny is the daughter of  James & Jessica Tang.  Sunny has studied oboe for 3 years.  Music teacher: Dr. Anne Leek. Sunny's hobbies are reading in her free time, being an avid volunteer, cooking on weekends, playing piano, photography and participating in band.

Musical  Achievements:
All-State Oboist (2016)
Member of Houston Youth Symphony (2015, 2016)
Houston Youth Symphony Philharmonic Concerto Competition Winner (2016)
1st Chair, Oboe, Area F  (2016)


Honorable Mention: Alexander Falks (bassoon), "Bassoon Concerto in F, 1st mvt" by Danzi.  Music teacher: Robyn Watson.

Senior Wind Division

Priya Fink (flute) Winner, "Fantasie Pastorale Hongroise", by Doppler.  Age 16 in the 10th grade at High School for the Performing & Visual Arts.  Priya is the daughter of Deborah Schloss and Eljay Waldman.  She has studied flute for almost 8 years.  Music teacher: Ema Armanious.  Priya enjoys playing in the Virtuosi of the Houston Orchestra and enjoys participating in activities through her youth group BBYO.  She works with the kindergarten and Pre-K class at her synagogue's Hebrew school every Sunday morning..

Musical Achievements:
Houston Flute Club Young Artist Student Competition, Jr. Division, 1st place (2015)
Houston Flute Club, Denise Jennings Flute Fest Competition, 1st place (2013 & 2015)
Texas Music Scholar Award (2015)


Honorable Mention: Gerson Reyes (tuba), "Tuba Concerto, 1st mvt" by Gregson.  Music teacher: Trevor Braselton.
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Junior Piano Division

Bryant Li
(piano) Winner, "Piano Concerto No. 17 in G, K453, 1st mvt" by Mozart.  Age 10, in the 5th grade at Roosevelt Alexander Elementary. Bryant is the son of Jia Guo and Gar Li.  Bryant studied piano for 5 years.  Music teacher: John Weems.  Outside of music, .Bryant' enjoys music, public speaking, math, science, robotics and soccer.  He won a spelling bee in 2015.  Bryant wishes to major in both neuro-science and music, and to bring sensation and happiness of music to the general public.

Musical Achievements:
Rochelle Liebling Kahan Memorial Fund Competition for Child Piano Prodigy, 1st place (2014)
Houston Forum for Young Artist Competition at UH, 1st place (2013 & 2015), 2nd place (2014), 3rd place (2012)
Houston Young Artist Competition Artist (2015 - 2016)
Chosen by National Public Radio (NPR) "From the Top" for March 2016 recording
Young Pianist Competition at TSU, 3rd place (2014)
Blinn College Young Pianists Competition, 1st Place (5th-6th grade) and Grand Prize Overall Winner (2016)

Honorable Mention: Ashley Wu (piano) , "Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K466, 1st mvt." by Mozart. Music teacher: Sergey Kuznetsoff.

Senior Piano Division

Steven Dong (piano) Winner, "Rhapsody on a Themeby Paganini, op 43.", by Rachmaninofff.  Age 15 in the 10th grade at Clear Lake High School.  Steven is the son of Jianrong Dong and Liming Zhu.  He studied piano for 10 years.  Music teacher: John Weems. Avid sport's fan of football and basketball.  Steven enjoys reading about and watching sports.  He also loves to play board games.

Musical Achievements:
Juanita Miller Concerto Competition, Piano - 1st place and Grand Prize Winner (2016)
Houston Symphony League Concerto Competition, Piano - 1st place (2016)
Texas Music Teachers Association Piano Competition 2nd place (2015)
Austin Music Festival Piano Competition, 3rd place (2015)
Texas State University Young Artist Piano Competition (9th grade), 2nd place (2015)
Houston Young Artist Concert, Finalist, Piano Solo and Duet (2014)


Honorable Mention: Ann Li (piano) , "Piano Concerto No. 3 in C, op. 26, 1st mvt" by Prokofiev. Music teacher: John Weems,
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Junior String Division

Jonathan Liu (violin) Winner, "Violin Concerto in D minor, op. 26, 3rd mvt", by Sibelius.  Age 14 in the 9th grade at Seven Lakes High School.  Jonathan is the son of Kevin Liu and Renee Liang.  Studied violin for 7 years.  Music Teachers: Dr. Yuli Jiang and Scott Lao.  Jonathan enjoys volunteering within his community, writing essays, playing violin, computer programming, and socializing.  He enjoys spending time with his friends and is an active member in his church youth group. His ambitions include getting involved with business economics.

Musical Achievements:
Houston Youth Symphony Member (2013-2014, 2014-2015)
Texas Music Educators Association Region 23 Junior High School Symphony (2012, 2013, 2014)
Texas Music Educators Association Region 23 High School Symphony (2015)
Texas Music Educators Association All-State Violinist (2015)


Honorable Mention: Kevin Chan (violin) , "Violin Concerto in B minor, op. 61, 1st mvt." by Saint Saens. Music teacher: John Law.

Senior String Division

Nicholas Perkyns (cello) Winner, "Variations on Rococo Theme, op. 33." by Tchaikovsky.  Age 16 in the 11th grade at High School for the Performing & Visual Arts.  Nicholas is the son of John and Jane Perkyns. He studied cello for 10-1/2 years.  Music teacher: Christopher French. Nicholas plans to major in music at a university.  He greatest musical interest is in chamber music.  He enjoys watching animal behavioral studies through TV / film documentaries, playing ultimate frisbee and League of Legends with friends.

Musical Achievements:
Texas Music Educators Association All-State Symphony, 1st chair (2015)
Houston Civic Symphony Concerto Competition, 1st place (2016)
Music Doing Good Scholarship for Summer Study at Domaine Forget in Quebec, Canada (2015)

Honorable Mention: Andrew Lavelle (viola) , "Viola Concerto, 1st mvt" by Walton. Music teacher: James Dunham.
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Thank You Roje Yap !

Many thanks go to Competition Coordinator, Roje Yap for his tireless work to put this competition and concert together.  A big thank you also goes to his committee who helped during the competition and the judges on January 23, 2016.

A fine job was done by the competition Judges. 
This year's judges are the following:

Assoc. Conductor - Clear Lake Symphony 
Principal Clarinet - Clear Lake Symphony 
Dr. Angie Schindler
  Co-Principal Oboe Player - Clear Lake Symphony
  Ms. Linda Smith
  Clarinet / Bass Clarinet - Clear Lake Symphony 
  Texas Band Director

  Piano Professor - Houston Community College
  Dr. Courtney Crappell
  Associate Professor of Piano & Piano Pedagogy
  Univ. of Houston - Moores School of Music
  Dr. Janice Fehlauer
Professor of Piano - Kingwood Music School

Concert Emeritus - Clear Lake Symphony
Texas Orchestra Director (retired)
Mr. Luci Manolache
String Bass Player - Clear Lake Symphony
Texas Orchestra Director
Ms. Sara Styskel
String Bass Player - Clear Lake Symphony
Texas Orchestra Director

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