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• See Clear Lake City !
• Drop in on The Clear Lake Area Chamber Of Commerce !
• Learn about Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership !
• Visit The Bay Area Chorus in their 54th Season!
• Visit Bay Area Harbour Playhouse celebrating their 28th Anniversary!



• Check out the Houston Youth Symphony to see what’s happening in the Bay Area!
• See what the young artists in the Houston area are doing at Houston Young Artist’s Concert!
• Don’t miss the folks at The Houston Civic Symphony !
• Meet our friends at The Galveston Symphony Orchestra !
• Make a stopover at The Woodlands Symphony Orchestra ,
just north of Houston, and see their site!

The World At Large!

• Feel the excitement of The Philharmonia Orchestra (London)
(“..Electrifying Performances…” said THE TIMES!) News, concerts, tours, recordings, mailing list, images …
• Meet The City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in the U.K.!
• Travel overseas with the official web site of The Association of British Orchestras!
• Don’t miss out on the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra !


• Dive ONLINE (!) into The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians !
• Visit Dr. Prestamo’s Music Links for some amazing links!
• Explore the Classical Net Home Page !
• Discover the wonders of the modern musical symphony orchestra music with a comprehensive guide to the instruments and layout of the orchestra.  Visit Wikipedia for orchestra layout and San Francisco Symphony Kid’s Website for an interactive guide to musical instruments.
• National Public Radio (NPR) links to Classical Music.
• Explore Wikipedia of Musical Instruments
“Learn and Listen by Instruments!” by Dallas Symphony Orchestra.  Learn more about all of the instruments of an orchestra along with sample sounds.

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